GHILDUSh DESIGN SYSTEM is a design company with a fundamental commitment to inovative, strong and effective solutions to complex communication challenges. During the 25 years we have successfully managed a full and diverse range of design projects, from product design, graphic design, promotional objects, interior design to cultural events. We are committed to providing our clients with quality, service and value.

Optical glass sculpture in an innovative technique
Works in private collections all over the world:

  • Beatrix – Queen of Holland
  • Jacques Chirac – Formal President of France
  • Dick Chaney – Vice President of The USA
  • The Ministery of Culture of Sweden
  • The Mayor of New York
  • Tarja Halonen – President of Finland
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Michael Jackson
  • Birds – Crown Plaza Hotel, Bucharest
  • Optical glass sculpture and ambiental works – BRD Groupe Societee generale, Bucharest
  • Glass sculpture – RABO Bank, Holland
  • Prices for “Jarrobiect” – Horn, Holland, 2005
  • The International Golden Stag Song Festival trophies, 1993
  • Eurovision Junior trophies, 2006
  • International Festival “George Enescu” trophies, 2008
  • Da’Kino International Film Festival, 2009
  • “Marea Loja Nationala din Romania” annual trophies, from 2012
  • Romanian Arhitects Association trophies (Bienniale Aritecture), 2014
  • Mn of the Year trophee for Holland Real Estate Association, 2009
A special area that assumes technological performance, addressing companies interested in promoting and sustaining an image, as well as the persons interested in offering a valuable gift. The tehnology used is based on an invention offering the possibility to introduce into the glass drawings and black & white or colored writings. The effects obtained from reflection and refraction form a compositional whole wich gives uniqueness to objects. Objects such as a laque or spatial shapes of medium and small size, are message bearers and allow to display in vizible places, on offices, or on any other type of furniture in both public and private places. The design is signed by Alexandru Ghildus. The items are signed by the author. The quality of the operation of the glass is given by glass workers, specialists in great precision manufacture. Rising Stars Trophee offered by the Margareth Thatcher Foundation and the President of Romania.
Optical and mechanical instruments – microscopes, projectors and medical appliances – for the Romanian Optical Industry (I.O.R), Prooptica, furniture, lighting means, Ionic Nitration Installation for the Atomic Physics Institute in Bucharest, tramcar for transport in Bucharest, display system for public transport in Bucharest, telephone for Elctromagnetica Company. GRAPHIC DESIGN Trademark image for TAROM Romanian Air Transport, MARA Hotel in Sinaia, Art Center, AREXIM, Apollo Art Gallery, OSIM-Romanian Patent Office, graphic program for The Golden Stag International Pop Music Festival of Brasov, Info Art bulletin of the Romanian Fine Arts Association, brochures for National Bank of Romania and BCIC Bank, packaging for Miorita factory.
BANKCOOP headquarters in Bucharest, TAROM – Romanian Air Transport International Agency – headquarters, Romanian Military Museum, Romanian Philatelic Museum, Romanian art galleries, design and art shows in Romania, international shows and fairs (Mercedes, Porsche, Canada) 1997 Bucharest International Car Show, Romanian Book Shows at the International Book Shows in Paris and Frankfurt – 1996 and also private residences.
Goldart Auction House is one of the most important art and design busines in Romania. The experience of organizing cultural events, exhibitions and symposiums and the direct contact as well with the generations of artists, have determined Alexandru Ghildus to organize his own art gallery, after the foundation and the organization of the Appolo Art Gallery of the Romanian Artists Association in 1992 and, in 1997 he has founded and coordinated the art gallery from the World Trade Center. The Gold Art Gallery was founded in 1997 in the same time with the inauguration of the Athenée Palce Hilton Hotel. In five years from the inauguration, many works have been sold to customers from all over the world. Exhibitions have been organized in the Queen Maria Hall and abroad as well. The hotel’s spaces became places for art works. On the symas of the gallery are present artists with works as paintings, sculptures, graphic, glass, ceramics, tapestries, jewels. The Gallery provides consulting in space arrangement. The Gallery intermediates the transportation of the works and customs proceedings. Goldart Auction House was optimized in 2002 and sell around the world romanian art and design.