GHILDUSh DESIGN SYSTEM, company founded in 1990

Alexandru Ghildus’s artistic formation has allowed the approach of a complex topics, from the artistic creation, to product design, graphic and ambient design, the manufacture of promotional and publicity material, feature film sets.

There have been manufactured works for Romanian and foreign companies, and the workshop and gallery were visited by many public figures.

The meeting and collaboration with personalities such as Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, the National Bank’s Governor – Mugur Isarescu, the Minister of Culture – Ion Caramitru, the Director of Ion Tiriac Bank – Anthony van der Heijden, Marinus Dijkman – editor of Holland Real Estate magazine, Mircea Ciumara – Vice Prime Minister, Senator Simona Marinescu, Anna Blefary Melazzi – ambasador of Italy, Karen Fogg – Chief of the European Community Delegation, Mircea Geoana – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Enoiu – President of Mc. Cann Ericsson Romania, resulted into organization of the major events.

“As an artist, one is fire of all constrains and wiches to be appreciated, and the art created to be well acknowledged. As designer one has the duty to mediate between the desire to realize a competitive product. something any creator desires imposed by the process of production. In the situation where you are all together the creator, the producer and the merchandiser, the commitment is a lot greater. Personally, I have always seen in this position, the posibility to offer quality to the beneficiaries. The art object, the graphic image, or the work of my fellow artists are destined to satisfy man’s needs, both the functional and the affective-spiritual ones.”

Alexandru Ghildus (Curriculum Vitae)